Courier Hearts

our hearts carry us

like couriers

traversing dreamscapes

& landscapes

weaving time

& space

pulsing quickly through dimensions

like a cosmic remote controller

so to skip over rationalization

our hearts carry us

like war heroes

climbing mounds of emotional shit

to save our putrid egos

from feeding our deepest desires

through a mulching machine

quicker than we can shovel it away

our hearts carry us

like romany

to dances of spirit

& beyond

mergings of space

& soul

floating laughs on ecstatic wings

whisping energy to our fingertips

so to lighten our shoulderblades and arms

our hearts carry us

like torches

through the dark tunnels

& trenches

of trauma embedded on our soul

& heart

imprinted like screens of lives past

purging ancestral chains

so to stoke our flame

our hearts carry us

like sirens

to the magic lakes

guiding our dreams through caves

harboring bioluminescent elixirs

so we can see again

our hearts carry us

like persephone

through the dark of a life lived again

& again

taking us on another trip around the sun

& again

from pleiades back to our earthen forms

such that is so painful

until we surrender

& unite

& dance


Indigo Paradise

There was a series of months in which I liked to ask people what their vision of paradise was. In Austria, I met a woman named Bea Von Schrader. She is an artist, and a mother, and a mentor—she wears many hats without wearing any hats. I asked her my question and she told me, “I think my idea of paradise changes everyday.”

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Manifesto: An Introduction to Living Life As a Work of Art

To live life as a work of art.


To live life as a work of art is to cultivate a consciousness, like a dance. One that twirls and tumbles in the space between the earth and stars. The dance moves to the rhythm of sensitivity, and keeps the beat of wisdom.


This expression is an act of constant experimentation, that opens you through constant flux and movement. It allows you a transcendence that includes each step already trekked, and each soul come to stay or pass.


A transcendence that elucidates your interconnectedness to all things. It allows you to witness their rapid and constant changing, and that of your own. It gives you the opportunity to discipline your practice of response vs. reaction, as your portal to peace.