my most intimate lovers alike —all of no exception

Today, the story goes:

For the  first time I am no longer longing, or praying, or calling out to bring closer that which is heavy to carry. No, I am trusting more and more the ways of the universe, because I know that what must be carried is not ready to walk of its own, and being the carrier would sink us both, and it would sink a part of my heart that I am not willing to give.

I refuse to allow anything submerge the fiery feminine part of my soul, for nothing and for no one. This refusal is for me and for all. Because we all have divine feminine energy in us, and we must call it back, and into balance. My work to revere, empower, and uplift the feminine spirit is called of me, and channelled through me.

So, I will ensure every element of my life is in alignment with my mission to sacredly revere, and exalt, and downright flood the divine feminine energy onto this earth: my art, my writing, my friendships, my business acquaintances, and my most intimate lovers alike —all of no exception.

I do not have to pledge to honor this work. My life is this work. I will always honor she, the sea, and creativity.

May we all work towards balance, and feel drunk in the beauty of the she fire creativity, for there she is.

There she is.

**A detail shot of "She The Fire-Breathing Dream Interpreter”, To be exhibited at Fresh Paint Gallery, La Jolla, CA July 2nd-August 24th, 2019.

Photography by Arnold Gia Trinh

She, The Fire Breathing Dream Interpreter(detail4).jpg

What Is Womyn?


What is womyn?

A feminine fire, an unceasing ocean of creative, a constellation of nuances, a tree rooted and reaching to and from the heart, a vessel for unconditional love, and a conduit for divine overflow.

Ask womyn if it's been easy, to live a life embodied as womyn? Womyn will tell you no. Womyn will say it hasn't been easy, but it's been beautiful. Womyn would not change it for the world,  because womyn hold the world in their hearts. Do you know what this means?

No. It feels.

**"“Upcoming Exhibition, Opening July 2nd, 2019, Fresh Paint Gallery, La Jolla, Ca.

Soaring in 2019 as a Guardian of Love

IMG_7883 (1).jpg

I was asked to bring one word to mind(third eye) that I want to represent my new year of 2019. First, I want to acknowledge how crazy it is that it is 2019. I can not say that I am terribly sad to let go of 2018, and even the years before, but I can say that it feels as if time is doing some beautiful, quantum-entanglement dance. I can appreciate this.

Anyways, the word that came to my mind’s eye was “soar”. In fact, I saw an image of a beautiful, snow-white owl, like Hedwig(geeking out on my love for HP). This bird was gliding gracefully and peacefully across a backdrop of pearl iridescent clouds. The wings of this owl captured the light of the clouds, displaying a crystalline reflection, the kind that encapsulates all colors and none at the same time.

This beautiful image felt right, as my intention for the new year, but nothing about it was concrete. So, how can this image of a soaring owl translate into a vision for this life and year? Well, what does it actually mean to soar in all dimensions of time and space? In this physical dimension, I am fairly certain that I do not have the body of an owl. So how is this me? How can we soar? Well I think it begins much before the act of flying. In fact, I think it begins with healing, and cultivating a lightness of mind, body, and soul. When we truly attend to this work, as only we can for ourselves, we cultivate a light that reverberates through every cell in our body. This sensation is one of complete and utter ecstasy coupled with a grounded peace. Such that it feels like our soul is smiling out of every inch of of being, and we flow in harmony with all other living beings at the highest frequency. Who knew attending to our healing could give us all of that? This sounds pretty sweet to me. This sounds like a type of soaring, no?

Attending to all of our healing also sounds like a tall order. So where do I start? Again, how do I get there(here?), and then how do I remain infinitely in (f)light?

Well for me, I plan to start like this:  in this new year, I promise to kiss all of that which I am still healing, and walk a little more home, into myself every time. I promise to honor the everyday struggles, allowing the lessons to roll like waves, leaving nothing but expansion behind. I promise to exclaim with glee and gratitude for the abundance dripping in my life, and to trust that I am always held.  And in this new year, when I experience discomfort, which I know is inevitable, I welcome the goodness of it as expansion. So I set out, in this new year, as the same me, not to resolve any imperfections, but with the intention to be a peaceful warrioress. Sade says “I am soldier of love”, but I say I am a guardian of love. From this knowledge, I step into the year 2019, to serve and protect the true love frequency. Only through attending to my own healing and work can I become a clear channel and guardian of such. So, I surrender in service, and trust in the connection of all beings, and I invite you soar with me on your own unique journey.


when the conjurer becomes the conjured

of a fire dancer betwitched

between daydreams and nightdreams

there lies a plane of truth

something unwavering yet fluxxing

is a dance of beholdens

becoming who they were

before and again

those who have never forgotten

even i

amidst distractions

have learned to see

so keep waving your wand

coaxing clarity to come

your fire spells are not in vain

dial light strings

pulsing in a infinite (f)eights

through a heart with wings


Courier Hearts

our hearts carry us

like couriers

traversing dreamscapes

& landscapes

weaving time

& space

pulsing quickly through dimensions

like a cosmic remote controller

so to skip over rationalization

our hearts carry us

like war heroes

climbing mounds of emotional shit

to save our putrid egos

from feeding our deepest desires

through a mulching machine

quicker than we can shovel it away

our hearts carry us

like romany

to dances of spirit

& beyond

mergings of space

& soul

floating laughs on ecstatic wings

whisping energy to our fingertips

so to lighten our shoulderblades and arms

our hearts carry us

like torches

through the dark tunnels

& trenches

of trauma embedded on our soul

& heart

imprinted like screens of lives past

purging ancestral chains

so to stoke our flame

our hearts carry us

like sirens

to the magic lakes

guiding our dreams through caves

harboring bioluminescent elixirs

so we can see again

our hearts carry us

like persephone

through the dark of a life lived again

& again

taking us on another trip around the sun

& again

from pleiades back to our earthen forms

such that is so painful

until we surrender

& unite

& dance


untitled emotion

here you go

plopping on my back porch

like you’ve been here all along


maybe you were

here before me

on this porch

in this life

i’ll give you that

this time


with me

the magic made me

willed me

to be we

a couple of dreamers

destined to intertwine

beside a sea of salt

under a sky of stars

our alien hearts

found their way


they crawled

beating on our armor

our chests

our wings

demanding to come home